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Angelous Epithemiou and Friends at the Stockport Plaza

Angelos Epithemiou is best known as the oddball DJ off Shooting Stars, who earlier this year replaced man-baby drummer, George Dawes. When Angelos isn’t out and about collecting Sainsbury’s bags he goes by the name of Daniel Skinner, the comedian who has done quite a lot of comedy on the radio, and appeared in an episode of My Family. On Friday 17th December he staged a one-man comedy show at a sold out Stockport Plaza, where he entertained fans for a hilarious couple of hours.

Born in 1973, Angelos embarked on a career as a burger van owner and after winning the award for Best Mobile Caterer of the year, everything seemed to be going well for him until one of his brothers torched his van by a lake. This was the introduction Angelos gave to himself, as his brief life story of tragedy and farce was screened onstage using a projector and PowerPoint presentation.

Angelos is a character who inhabits the outer edges of society; he’s the man at the bus stop you hope doesn’t talk to you; he’s the weirdo in the supermarket who follows you around; to sum it up  he’s basically the guy you would never want to get stuck in a lift with. Continue reading


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Merry Christmas From The Poplar Tree

Hello Poplar Tree fans, if you click on the above image, fingers crossed, you should be able to read its little review of 2010. It’s not as in-depth a review as The Poplar Tree would like, but that’s because Crimbo has been a proper busy time.
Next year, The Poplar Tree plans to read more contemporary books and review them because it should keep up-to-date more with stuff like that and it doesn’t. Included in the review is a tribute to the late comic genius Frank Sidebottom, an overview of Missing Thumbs in The Road, highlights of the Manchester Literature Festival and a list of books and TV shows it’s enjoyed over the past twelve months.
The Poplar Tree hasn’t had time to list all the other things it’s been up to recently – last week it went to watch Angelos Epithemiou at the Stockport Plaza (review coming soon-ish). Anyway – enjoy this in the meantime, and thanks to everyone who has contributed to this blog and taken the time to read some of the entries.

All the best for 2011 – The Poplar Tree x

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The Poplar Tree meets award-winning Manchester fashion journalist

Emma Campbell is a freelance fashion journalist and award-winning blog writer based in Manchester. Earlier this year her blog What Emma was created as a new year’s resolution, but little did she realise just what it would lead to; within nine months she had won Cosmopolitan Magazine’s award for Best New Blog. So how did it all come about?

I meet Emma at a bar in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, well wrapped up in a chic winter coat and with her hair and makeup flawless, she looks every bit the fashion journalist. I catch her just before she is about to attend an event for Mulberry in Manchester’s Spinningfields, and as we begin the interview over a couple of drinks, it quickly becomes clear that she is very passionate about her journalism work. Continue reading

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The Review…

…will be coming soon but due to work commitments and general yule tide festivities The Poplar Tree is trying to balance the books so to speak and the review will probably be up within the next week. It’s not much of a review though, I should have entitled it an overview, because I’ve not had time to go into analysis and that, but there will be some appalingly bad PhotoShopped images and rubbish copy etc etc.


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