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Imperial War Museum North: War Correspondent – Reporting Under Fire Since 1914

The Lowry shopping centre, restaurants and apartments surrounding it always have an eerie quality to them – it’s so quiet in comparison to Manchester city centre that it’s easy to imagine there’s been a zombie outbreak somewhere. Maybe this will change when the BBC finally completes its move to Media City, but nevertheless the Imperial War Museum North continues to pull in the tourists, and it’s easy to see why when you visit their latest exhibition: War Correspondent – Reporting Under Fire Since 1914.

The exhibition is open until January 2012 and showcases the best of British war correspondents from the last century, focusing on journalists such as Clare Hollingworth, Kate Adie, Maggie O’Kane, Michael Nicholson, Martin Bell, Richard Dimbleby and Jon Simpson. Located on the first floor, the exhibition area is packed floor-to-ceiling with war journalism artefacts including photographs, notebooks and videos.

War correspondents arguably have the most important role in journalism as they are chroniclers of the world’s most important, life-changing events. This exhibition challenges every visitor’s opinion about war and holds their attention throughout – the first exhibit you will meet is a video wall of the now infamous war report in Iraq by Jon Simpson, which showed the cameraman’s own blood trickling over the lens. You cannot look away from these images and the exhibition is designed with precisely that theme in mind. Continue reading



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Manchester Literature Festival 2011 – Volunteer Open Evening

There’s going to be an open evening this Wednesday (13th July) for anyone who’s interested in becoming a volunteer for this year’s Manchester Literature Festival. The Poplar Tree was a volunteer at 6 events last year and had a great time – see the post a few below this one for full details.

The line up for the 2011 festival isn’t being announced until August, but it’s well worth attending the open evening to find out more about it. The organisers Jon Atkin and Cathy Bolton are really friendly and they’ll give you the complete low down on what to expect if you become a volunteer.

The meeting is being held at City Library on Deansgate from 6pm and will take place  in the Becker Room on the first floor.

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