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Celebrity Wedding Planners: Jedward – Jepic

The true definition of genii - ladies and gentlemen, JEDWARD

John:                     “I’m John.”

Edward:               “And I’m Edward.”

Jedward:             “And together, we’re Jedward!”

Celebrities and weddings are two massive TV trends from 2011 which collided together in last night’s Celebrity Wedding Planners, a new series from Channel 5 which looks set to emulate the success of C4’s Big Fat Gypsy Weddings franchise. Last night’s episode featured Jedward, the tall-haired twins from Dublin who bounded about on the goggle box like two oversized kids maxed out on Smarties and Sunny D. If you were to do a quick mental list of celebrities you wouldn’t want planning your wedding, Jedward would be on a par with The Chuckle Brothers and Des Lynam.

The show was filled with the twins’ Jedisms, “It’s gonna be Jepic,” said Jedward, “We hope it won’t be a Jesaster.” And if their appearance on Celebrity Wedding Planners is anything to go by, the pair could also start a sideline in their trademark PVC high-shouldered ‘Jedsuits’.

So, what better way to avoid racking up a huge wedding debt than by getting an unbeknown celebrity to plan it for you, and Channel 5 to cover the costs. What could possibly go wrong? This scenario didn’t put Beulah and James off, the happy couple who featured in the episode. Beulah is a self-confessed control freak who wears mad glasses that Gok Wan would be proud to sport, and James is a half-Scottish electrician. Beulah wants a ‘Princess wedding’ in an English country mansion, whereas James, if he’s completely honest hasn’t given it much thought. Continue reading


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