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Buy of the Week – Lily Greenwood Printed Canvas Bag

Lily Greenwood’s studio in Manchester’s Craft & Design centre is a true gem of a shop and is always a pleasure to visit. Lily’s work always brightens  up the greyest of days, and this weekend was no exception. Since interviewing Lily for The Poplar Tree back in September, she has continued to keep busy working on new commissions and preparing for exhibitions.

Lily currently has a busy summer ahead which includes her work appearing at the Barcelona Showcase next month in the spectacular Casa Batllo, one of Gaudi’s stunning architectural masterpieces.  The exhibition celebrates the best in contemporary fine  art and will feature work by artists from across the world.

The Poplar Tree couldn’t resist buying one of Lily’s Printed Canvas Bags – priced at £10 these canvas bags make a lovely present for someone special, and there’s plenty of gorgeous designs to choose from. The bags feature her Japanese kimono inspired paintings, her iconic butterfly prints and art nouveau designs. The Poplar Tree opted for the blue canvas bag shown above. Not only do these bags look as pretty as her pictures, because they’ve made from canvas they’re really sturdy too!

Photograph taken from Lily Greenwood’s Facebook Page


studio 25, manchester craft & design centre, 17 oak street, northern quarter , manchester, m4 sjd

contact:  twitter@lilygreenwood

find out more:

buy online:


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Home Sweet Home, Manchester – Food Review

Home Sweet Home describes itself as a “gourmet bake house and coffee bar” and it has quickly carved out a niche for itself in an area of Manchester that’s saturated with homemade food outlets and trendy bars. In fact, it’s become so popular they’ve recently had to extend.

What makes Home Sweet Home stand out from the other eateries in the Northern Quarter is its generous portion sizes, great value and delicious menu. Most of the dishes here have an American or Mexican twist to them – there’s pulled pork rolls, the San Diego toastie, chilli dogs, macaroni cheese, clam chowder and a Santa Fe salad. It’s easy to imagine Adam Richman from Man vs Food tucking into a few of these dishes and certainly feeling at home.  Continue reading

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