In 500 words: Was Lorne Malvo a Devil in disguise?

FargoThe etymological case for Lorne Malvo being a devil in disguise

Lorne Malvo. The name itself has malevolent undertones and echoes of long-vowelled Shakespearean villains like Iago, Tamora and Shylock. In the French language, ‘mal’ denotes bad and evil; look up the derivative ‘mal’ in an English dictionary and you’ll find 99% of the entries have negative connotations, including; malady, malaria, malnourishment and malignant – you get the idea.

Fargo is essentially a fictional detective story set in Minnesota, USA. Produced by the Coen brothers, the TV series recreates the world of their 1996 film classic Fargo. Lorne Malvo is Fargo’s archetypal villain, superbly played by Billy Bob-Thornton as a cold-blooded, calculating and charismatic psychopath…. Or should that be devil?… Or vampire?

The case for Lorne Malvo as a devil in disguise (includes spoilers)

Like many Cohen brothers’ characters, Malvo revels in toying with Chance and likes a good riddle (think Javier Bardem’s, Anton Chigurh in No Country For Old Men). Like any devil worth its salt, Malvo taunts little kids with stories about murders that happened in their homes, and has an incredibly charismatic personality, despite murdering a LOT of people. He also made cassette tapes of his victims for presumably sadistic purposes and oozed so much charisma that ordinary-Joe, Lester Nygaard, wanted to be just like him.

Throughout Fargo there is also the hint that Deputy Molly Solverson’s Dad (Lou) may have met him in 1979, when Molly was only 4 years old. Lou was so scared of ‘HE that is never named by Lou’ that Lou had to sit fearfully on his porch overnight with a shotgun. He also refers to a work ‘incident’ when the bodies were, “piled two floors high.” That’s a lot of bodies, and in the environs of Fargo, only Malvo would be capable of such an ‘incident’.

Malvo also seems to shapeshift (see entry below on the Vampire theory).

The case for Lorne Malvo as a vampire (includes spoilers)

Malvo has no back-story, no friends, no family – no one. Was he therefore bitten by a vampire many moons ago? He appears in rooms like Nosferatu, silently and without warning. In episode 1 for instance, it’s never shown how he got out of Lester Nygaard’s basement. Did he squeeze himself out of a window? An unlikely explanation when you consider that Lorne Malvo was obviously a vampire. As a vamp he would have simply turned into a bat and flown out of it.

Other evidence for Malvo being a vampire includes his second (or multiple) ‘career-choice’ as a dentist. Vampires are known for their teeth, so being a dentist is a fairly logical predilection. Also, *spoiler alert* during his death scene when he is shot by Gus, his teeth and gums become bloodied, uncannily like Lestat’s do, post-feed in Interview With the Vampire.  He also has an affinity with wolves, and finally, we never see Malvo in blazing daylight. Coincidence? I think not.


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