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The Loft Country Kitchen and Restaurant – Review

The Loft B Blair Atholl is a beautiful village located on the southern foot of the Cairngorms National Park, Perthshire. Famous for its whisky and Blair Castle, the village is also home to a handful of independent craft shops and hotels. One of the newest additions is The Loft Country Kitchen and Restaurant, which is run by partners Jennifer and Stuart.

The country kitchen is located just off the village’s main road, and The Loft, as its name suggests, is housed in a building whose roof space overlooks the scenic River Garry and stunning moorland hills. It would be easy to say that the views of The Loft make this restaurant special, but that would be doing disservice to the passion and service exuded by hostess Jennifer and chef Stuart. Continue reading


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Boeing Boeing – Oldham Coliseum Theatre Review

_JCF4282 copyBoeing Boeing touched down last week at the Oldham Coliseum Theatre for its opening night, after originally flying into the West End for a seven year run during the 1960s. The play navigates the confusing love life of Bernard (Robin Simpson), a Parisian architect, who has not one but three air hostess fiancés. Set during the early 1960s when a jet set lifestyle was still in its infancy, Bernard is able to take advantage of international scheduled flights to plan out his love life and create a dating system he describes enthusiastically as being mathematical “perfection”.

_JCF3832Luckily for Bernard his three fiancées all have names beginning with ‘G’ there’s Gloria from America (Laura Doddington), Gabrielle from Italy (Maeve Larkin) and Gretchen from Germany (Sarah Lawrie). All three also wear colour-coded clothing that makes it easy for not only Bernard, but also the audience to identify his different fiancées. The play takes off without a glitch as the coordinated comings and goings of Gloria, Gretchen and Gabrielle are as hassle-free as a place in first class. However, Bernard’s dating system soon meets turbulence when stormy weather and faster planes conspire to bring his system into free fall.

The first half of the play really begins to pick up the pace when Gloria takes off for America and Gabrielle flies in from Italy. Not long after this, Gretchen touches down in Paris from Germany and Bernard faces the uneasy prospect of entertaining both fiancées at once in his apartment – without either knowing about each others’ existence. From this moment on, the farce soars and things soon start to unravel faster than a transatlantic flight on Concorde. Bernard enlists the help of his best friend Robert (played by Ben Porter) who is visiting from the provinces, to act as a comic foil. He also needs his housekeeper Bertha (played by Gilly Tompkins) to help keep his love life airborne.

_JCF4918_1Because the action unfolds in one room, some elements of the plot are a little implausible at times. Gloria, Gretchen and Gabrielle would definitely be able to hear each other in the apartment and they would also be able to hear Robert and Bernard’s high-pitched, Carry-On-esque outbursts during the closing scenes. But this is a farce, and by its very nature should not be taken seriously. What prevents Boeing Boeing from becoming farcical is the onset choreography as the different actors coordinate their moves seamlessly between seven doors of the Parisian apartment. The energy of the choreography and comic performances by the cast are exciting and engaging throughout. The set itself is also impressive with a convincing view of the Eiffel Tower illuminated in the background to remind the audience that this is Paris in the swinging sixties.

Boeing Boeing has been adapted for Oldham Coliseum Theatre by director Robin Herford from Swiss-born Frenchman Marc Camoletti’s play written in 1960. The original was a huge hit and it appears in the Guinness Book of World Records for holding the title of the most-performed French play ever. It’s well worth watching this classic hit at the Oldham Coliseum theatre before it’s Boeing Boeing gone.

Reviewed on behalf of this rather brilliant Manchester blog: Thank you Liz!

Boeing Boeing is on at the Oldham Coliseum Theatre until 6th June for more details click this link

(All Mist in the Mirror production shots: credit Joel C Fildes)

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