What is The Poplar Tree?

It's not chick lit or pulp fiction

Welcome to The Poplar Tree,

One of Manchester’s literature-orientated blogspots that will include editorial features on authors,  reviews of books, films and anything in-between, such as TV programmes and current affairs. It will probably have a huge word count, and as such, posts may take a little while to emerge. Coming up with content for features and reviews is a long struggle and The Poplar Tree is all about quality literature, so it will be worth it in the end (hopefully).

Over the past decade, The Poplar Tree has read a countless number of books by dozens of authors, including:

Auden / Burgess / Bronte / Brooker / Hughes / Heaney / Armitage / Doestoyevsky / Solzhenitzyn / T.S Eliot / Forster/ Golding / Coupland / Joyce / Lawrence / Larkin / Miller / Nash / Orwell / Poe / Shakespeare / Tolstoy / Dahl / Yeats / Greene / Owen / Kafka / Pynchon / Ginsberg / Wyndham (John) / McCabe / Hemingway …

The Poplar Tree’s favourite critics are Louis Theroux and Charlie Brooker because they’re honest, opinionated and unafraid to question the truth. They produce The Poplar Tree’s favourite TV shows such as Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends and Screenwipe.

Thanks for reading this, enjoy the rest of the blog.


4 responses to “What is The Poplar Tree?

  1. Sarah

    Hi – I just wanted to let Poplar Tree readers know about Manchester Peace Festival, which will be held for the first time this year. It’s a week of poetry, music, literature, comedy, dance, photography, film and other arts and performance, and runs from 18th-25th September. More information from http://manchesterpeacefestival.wordpress.com/ – anyone wanting to get involved as a volunteer or performer, or just to come to the events, will be most welcome…

  2. smithee

    Make a facebook group that I can ‘like’ instead of what you have now which is a standard profile. You can keep the current profile as the admin for it.

    The reason for this is that I and several other people known to me wouldn’t add you for the myriad of privacy issues that Facebook likes to throw up. Which is a shame because we’d like to follow you.

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