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To A Malenky Like Review

A Clockwork Orange, by Anthony Burgess

Welcome, O my brothers to this malenky like review of A Clockwork Orange – a proper horrorshow novel that will have all you chellovecks retching from your gorlos while your glazzes go all goggle-goggle at what you are about to viddy…

This great and glorious tale of adolescent violence and gang criminality is now nearly 50 years old, having first been published in 1962. It’s humbly narrated by Alex, a fifteen-year-old schoolboy who likes nothing better than a bit of the ultra-violence and some of the old in-out in-out whilst slooshying along to Ludwig Van Beethoven on his stereo. Clad in the heighth of fashion, Alex leads his droogs around town, flashing his britva to ancient chellovecks, dashing the brains out of smelly old tramps and raping damas and devotchkas alike. In short, Alex is a filthy minded brute of a boy, the type of young lad Daily Mail readers would call an “ASBO Hoodie” because if Alex was around today, he’d be wandering the streets of ‘Broken Britain’ armed with a 10in. kitchen knife ready to slash the neck of any innocent bystander unfortunate enough to get in his way. Continue reading


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