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The Renegade Writer: A Totally Unconventional Guide to Freelance Success

In The Renegade Writer, (Marion Street Press, 2003) Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell reveal insider information on how to crack the freelance magazine market in America. Their rule breaking exposes some of the myths surrounding freelancing such as:  Don’t Quit Your Day Job, Don’t Share Leads With Other Writers and Keep Editorial Relations Strictly Business. The Renegade Writer acts as an informal guide on how to break these rules and it’s not quite as ‘Renegade’ as the title suggests, there are no instances of the writers blackmailing their editors to get into print for instance. Although the book is solely concerned with cracking the American freelance market, it does contain a lot of info that’s relevant to aspiring writers here on the other side of the Atlantic. Continue reading


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An Attempted Book by Tim Key (and descriptions/conversations/a piece about a moth)

Tim Key won the Edinburgh Comedy Award at last year’s Fringe Festival and since then has made appearances on Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe reciting ‘good-bad’ poems about the news. Key’s poetry is deliberately ‘bad’ but also very good because it’s keenly observational. Continue reading

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Charlie Brooker – The Hell Of It All

(Faber & Faber, London, 2009)

The Hell of It All is a new anthology of articles, reviews and observations by the acid-tongued Guardian columnist and TV critic, Charlie Brooker. In his previous collection, Dawn of the Dumb, Brooker was exposed as a highly-strung misanthrope who had an aversion to pretty much everything, and in this new collection compiled from his weekly contributions to the Guardian Guide and Guardian G2, his views remain equally unsullied and uncensored. The book spans two years of cultural observations with the credit crunch in the midst of it all, but Brooker has far nastier things to concern himself with, such as emetophobia, Heat magazine and the return of Gladiators. Continue reading

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The Man is a Genius…

"Carly Zucker freaks me out because her name sounds like a baby trying to say my name."

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Screenburn by Charlie Brooker

(Faber & Faber: London, 2005)

Screenburn is a witty anthology of TV commentary from the dawn of the new millennium (circa 2000-2004) and is well worth a visit if you’d like to find out what has changed in broadcasting since then.  During these early years we eagerly awaited holographic screens and smell-O-vision, but these dreams never came to pass, instead we got ONDIGITAL, BBC Choice and a strong dose of reality, a word that terrified T.S.Eliot and one which also terrifies Charlie Brooker, not in the reality of the here and now, nor in a virtual sense, but in the growing obsession with Reality TV. Continue reading

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