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12 Years A Slave – Film Review (or why I think it should win the Oscar for Best Film 2014 in 500 words)


In 2009 I watched The Road at the AMC in Manchester on a cold and grey Autumnal day. The film has never been far from my thoughts, mainly because I have a morbid fascination with post-apocalyptic/dystopian literature. It’s a fascination which probably stems from reading Frankenstein in Year 8 at high school, followed by Lord of the Flies in Year 9.

Anyway, not since watching The Road have I been so affected by a film until I went to watch 12 Years A Slave at Ashton Cineworld on a cold and icy Winter’s evening. Prior to watching the actual film I tried to inspire some English students to go and watch it on release by shoehorning YouTube clips of the trailer into discussions on ‘Crooks’ from Of Mice and Men. Not one student has said they’ve been to watch it.

Steve McQueen’s film is based on the remarkable and emotive biographical account which begins in the year 1841, when Solomon Northup, a black African-American freeman of the state of New York, is forcibly taken into slavery and transported to the cotton fields and sugar plantations of Louisiana.

I think the film should win the award for Best Picture 2014 because:

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