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Truth is stanger than fiction…A missing thumb falls from the sky…

Yep, it’s true. This morning on the way to work The Poplar Tree was astonished to read the headline : “Killers trapped by falling thumb” which appeared on the front cover of the Metro, a free newspaper handed out to commuters at train stations across the UK.

After receiving so many hits about Missing Thoughts in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, The Poplar Tree’s initial thoughts were: “Flipping heck, is this some sort of mystical sign that apocalpyse is imminent?” Sadly not, because the headline actually refers to the tragic murder of Mahmood Ahmad, a fast food worker who was butchered by a gang. Mr Ahmad’s thumb is believed to have been dropped by a pigeon, where it was noticed by an office worker who at first thought it was a piece of chicken, and it’s easy to see why… Continue reading


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Merry Christmas From The Poplar Tree

Hello Poplar Tree fans, if you click on the above image, fingers crossed, you should be able to read its little review of 2010. It’s not as in-depth a review as The Poplar Tree would like, but that’s because Crimbo has been a proper busy time.
Next year, The Poplar Tree plans to read more contemporary books and review them because it should keep up-to-date more with stuff like that and it doesn’t. Included in the review is a tribute to the late comic genius Frank Sidebottom, an overview of Missing Thumbs in The Road, highlights of the Manchester Literature Festival and a list of books and TV shows it’s enjoyed over the past twelve months.
The Poplar Tree hasn’t had time to list all the other things it’s been up to recently – last week it went to watch Angelos Epithemiou at the Stockport Plaza (review coming soon-ish). Anyway – enjoy this in the meantime, and thanks to everyone who has contributed to this blog and taken the time to read some of the entries.

All the best for 2011 – The Poplar Tree x

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