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Who Is Thomas Pynchon?

Thomas Pynchon is a Wanted author. You have probably never seen Thomas Pynchon, many people never knowingly have – Google his image and you’ll get around 48,500 hits of which maybe four or five are genuine. His identity is a closely guarded secret, with rumours and conspiracy theories rife. Has he altered his appearance with reconstructive facial surgery or maybe grown a second pair of eyebrows? Not many people know for sure why he is so sequestered, but what is known, is that Pynchon is perhaps the most important post-modern writer of the latter half of the twentieth century.

Fact: if Pynchon was a band he would probably be the musical equivalent of Radiohead Continue reading


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Blitz Street


When I read Gravity’s Rainbow I couldn’t quite believe in the power of the V2 rockets and to begin with I took them at face value – as  a figment of Pynchon’s insane but brilliant imagination. The V2 fired Pynchon’s imagination because it is an object of chaos – it comes from the skies faster than the speed of sound. You hear it coming, but never hear the explosion because by that time –  you are dead. Continue reading

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Thomas Pynchon is a wanted man…

The most illusive novelist of the 21st century?

Have you seen this man? - artwork by Nick Renshaw

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Information Overload – Gravity’s Rainbow

Gravity’s Rainbow (Vintage Books: London, 2004) £8.99

This novel is regarded by many as Thomas Pynchon’s magnum opus, drawing comparisons with James Joyce’s Ulysses as one of the most important pieces of twentieth century literature. It is a cryptic tale set in the fading days of world war two, sprawling over Europe with far too many plot twists to recount in such a review as this one. The saga stretches out over 900 pages and loosely follows Tyrone Slothrop, an American soldier whose sexual conquests correlate exactly with the positions of where German V-2 rockets fall on London during 1944. Numerous acts of drunken debauchery, drug use, sexual deviancy and unadulterated fantasy ensue. During one drug-induced episode, Slothrop journeys deep into a shit-encrusted toilet bowl – reaching far further, and far more sickeningly so, than Renton ever did in Trainspotting. Continue reading

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